Application procedures for J-1 Exchange Visitors and their Host Departments

The host department must initiate the process for bringing a J-1 Exchange Visitor to campus.  The incoming J-1 and the Host Department each have a separate form to complete; both forms must be submitted to the International Office by the Host Department. 

Timeline:  It takes several weeks for all parties to review, sign and submit the required paperwork. The International Office suggests that departments initiate the J-1 Exchange Visitor Application 2-4 months in advance of the visitor’s desired arrival. Once a completed application is submitted to the Intenational Offce, we will review it within 2 weeks. Completed applications will result in the creation of a DS-2019. The host department must then ship the form to the scholar; this can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks or more, depending on the method of shipment. Only then can the visitor get a J-1 visa. The time period to get a visa varies by country, but generally allow at least 3-4 weeks. It can take much longer.  Citizens of Iran and Pakistan experience very long wait times (months) for their visas.

Follow the links below to initiate the J-1 Exchange Visitor Application. The procedures outlined below are only for those visitors who will utilize a J-1 visa. Any visitor utilizing a B visa does need to apply with the International Office. 

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Instructions for the CSM Host Department
Instructions for the incoming Exchange Visitor

Items for Host Departments and Current J-1s

J-1 Extension Procedures: For host departments who wish to extend the stay of a current J-1 Exchange Visitor--Contact the International Office. 

Extended Absence: For J-1s who will travel out of the US for more than 30 days during their J-1 program, with the intention of returning to CSM. /UserFiles/File/studentLife/isss/ExtendedAbsence_J1(1).pdfPDF versionText only version

Transfer Out: For J-1 Exchange Visitors who wish to end their time at CSM and transfer their J-1 to a different J-1 sponsor institution /UserFiles/File/studentLife/isss/J1_TransferOut.pdfPDF versionText only version

Helpful Links for Visitors to Colorado School of Mines

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